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  1. 25 Most Popular Songs

    August 2, 2016 by Runoff Records

    Here’s a list of the most popular songs of 2012 that has invaded the airwaves.
    1.       Birthday Cake – This song has got to be one of RiRi’s many controversial song. Following her spilt to ex-boyfriend Chris Brown she got us all in a surprise when she went ahead and dropped this gigantic episode on us. She totally rocks. No wonder why she has become so successful.
    2.       Turn Up the Music – Here is Chris Brown’s evidence that proves that he certainly is a consistent hitmaker. His producer has never doubted this talents so he ventured more and make him king of the dance floor.
    3.       Climax- Usher never fails to make songs that come deep to the soul. This song could be one of those familiar lines you hear from the radio but when you listen deeply to its lines you will feel that making up is still the best thing to do and this is what Usher wants to tell us.
    4.       Starships – Nickster was created after this song was dropped to the mainstream.
    5.       Glory – Jay-Z composed this song for his first born Blue Ivy.
    6.       Wild Ones – This song by Florida features Sia tells that bad meaning could be good.

    7.       Drank in My Cup – This song is a sure hit and would really want you to fill a cup with juice and raise it as a toast to good life.

    8.       Stay Schemin – This song is like a passage of drugs towards the infamous beef between rapper Common and Drake for this year.

    9.      Call Me Maybe- Everyone couldn’t beg to disagree that among the most popular songs of 2012, Carly Rae Jepsen has made unforgettable  impact to music lovers.

    10.   Stronger – Kelly Clarkson has given her strongest voice in this song. Her melody is so powerful that it could almost make you cry.
    11.   Where Have You Been – One of Rihanna’s make hit songs for 2012
    12.   Blow Me – You will love Pink more with this song. It has a deep meaning and really brought out the best of Pink’s vocals.
    13.   Boyfriend –  Justin Bieber’s sensual side is being explicitly described in this song. Seems like he has finally grown into a more mature music genre.
    14.   Wide Awake- Katy Perry sang this song very beautifully that it could almost make you cry listening to it.
    15.   We Are Never Ever Getting Back – Taylor Swift’s best country song for 2012.
    16.   Locked Out Heaven – This song has received very good and positive reviews.
    17.   Rumour Has It – This song by Adele has full of rhythmic and deep melody which according to some critics is a throwback.
    18.   Die Young _ Tokyo Metro was where Kesha showed for this music video.
    19.   Let Me Love You – Christopher Simms directed the music video of this song where Neyo showed Michael Jackson’s dance steps.
    20.   Diamonds – Rihanna’s  alluring song of 2016 where she wears crazy crochet braids.
    21.   One More Night – This song was performed for a promotion. It is such a catchy song and got very positive reviews.
    22.   Some Nights – This song is performed by FUN, an American Indie Pop group.
    23.   Too Close – The full name of this artist is Alex George Clare.
    24.   I Cry – One of Flo Rida’s Top Rating song for 2016.
    25.   Home – Listen to this song by Phillips Phillips, among one of the most popular songs of 2012, this song make it to the top

  2. Nail Art – The beginning of a trend?

    July 16, 2016 by Runoff Records

    Nowadays the trends in beauty, fashion and henna tattoo designs have evolved into an era of modernity and glam. Most stylists have looked into giving more fun and twist in the fashion industry. One that has emerged in the latest fashion development is nail art. A lot of people want something different and adventurous in its fashion sense. Stylists have out grown the traditional or ordinary way of putting nail color on their customers. They wanted to give something fun for their customers so they would keep coming back to their salons. It took a little while before this trend was embraced into the industry of nail fashion but with fashion trend. It is always like that when people would seek for assurance that this trend would be something that most people would patronize. And surely, a lot of people did love nail art fashion.

    As the trend flourished to the metropolitan fashion hubs, more salons are embracing nail art into their menus. People are now trying to match up their nail colors to their party dresses. It brings so much joy to their days when they see their ordinary colored nails turn into vibrant and fashionable design. Designers all over the world has created their own collection and incorporated in among their list of fashion trends and for their followers to patronize. It is very unbelievable that this trend may evolve into a similar path that the fashion has gone through. High class designers are really getting their hands into this industry of nail fashion as they believe that it could really help and boost the market of their brands. When trends get into the industry it is really best that they get a hold of it make sure that they get into the fever as well. This is where people would really follow and look forward to the next collection of trends.

    Ordinary ideas are created by ordinary people and definitely you can also do this yourself. You can start by gathering all your nail polishes left lying at your bathroom cabinet. Get your artistic minds working and get started with your own collection of nail art. Show it to people around you and see if they like it. For starters, it could really be hard but as you progress you will learn to adjust and come up with more catchy and fashionable nail designs that your friends would definitely love. You may have to vary your design according to the latest trends. Like if the latest trends revolve around prints then you might have to think of printed designs and recreated it into something fun and wild. Think as if you are creating a wardrobe or jewellery collection but the only difference is that the design is being printed on the nail itself. It could be very profitable and very challenging at the same time. You might have to practice personalizing your creations according to the suggestions made by your customers. You can also get inspiration from a lot of fashion designers.

  3. 7 Most anticipated movies of 2016

    April 25, 2016 by Runoff Records

    If you are looking for movies that you can add to your list of most anticipated movies of 2013, here are seven movies that will definitely be a hit for year 2013. These selected movies are those that you would love to watch with your kids and friends.

    1.)  Monsters University – To be released on the 21st of June, this Disney and Pixar movie is undoubtedly the best movie to watch with your family. Monsters University is made by the creators of UP and BRAVE.

    2.)  Man of Steel – Everyone knows about the story of Superman who was sent to Earth as a child from his planet. His extraordinary powers turn useful enough to protect his family and new home from insidious evil. This movie is definitely a must-see-movie for 2013.

    3.)   Despecable Me 2 – This hilarious animated movie picture is simply something to look forward to. The first time it was released has earned then over five hundred and 40 million dollars. Despecable Me 2 is fully packed with more minions and a host of a lot more new characters.

    4.)  Dorothy of Oz – Join and watch Dorothy, together with Tim Woodman, the Lion and Scarecrow, as they returned to the Land of Oz for another journey to stop the evil plans of the Jester from turning the people into poor puppets. This movie is absolutely one of the most anticipated movies of 2013 that you shouldn’t miss.

    5.)  The Smurfs 2 – Here’s a movie that can really touch your heart and help you find True Blue. Smurfette has been captured by the evil Gargamel, who is creating creatures that look like Smurfs in the hope of getting all the powers so he’ll be called the best sorcerer ever.

    6.)  Beautiful Creatures – Another movie that you should watch out in 2016. This movie is about two star-crossed lovers who went on a thrilling adventure of discovering secrets about their family backgrounds and history of their town and gardens. It’s full of intense scenes and supernatural effects that can blow your imagination into reality.

    7.)  Thor: The Dark Worlds – Here is another must-see movie for 2016 with some depressing sad quotes that you and your kids would definitely make emotional. This one is more action packed and filled with perilous journey that Thor has ever been compared to his previous adventures.

    The movies listed above are only few of the must see movies for 2017 but those are closely selected to fit family entertainment.  The movies released for 2017 are created for kids and families, others are designed for bridal parties and others for couch nights. There is so much to look forward to not only in the plot of the movies but also the new characters who are packed with intense actions. Most of the movies are sequels to the first released this year and for that the kids could easily follow and understand why it happened that way. It’s really fun to talk to your kids about the plot and it’s very educational at the same time because you have helped them create and develop imagination by watching these most anticipated movies of 2016.

  4. 5 most anticipated video games of 2016

    February 1, 2016 by Runoff Records

    1. Sim City – This new version of Sim City has got to be one of the most anticipated video games of 2013. It now has multiplayer function that allows players to add regions and create a real world among players. If you are a first time player you will get a lot of excitement from this new version. It will be more realistic and will give you a real time experience especially in the real world economy. You get to experience something that you have never experienced before because this new version is packed with more features and function that enhances the gaming experience. Go to weddings, get on a new skateboard or cook a dinner party, anything is possible!
    2. Bungie’s “Destiny “- This game is a brand new franchise that Bungie is working for Activision. The partnership of these two companies is really something that many people have been looking forward to. Bungie used be one of the developers of Halo, a very successful video game launched several years ago. This company is trying to develop again a more exciting game that will more exciting sets of skill that is much anticipating for 2013. They are trying to get much of what the others could develop with the technology of other company in as much as developing only the best video game.
    3. Gears of War: Judgment – In 2013, this new game is a game that many people cannot really wait to get there hands on.  For Xbox owners, this game can bring them to the next level because it will present the classic game play experience to more fun and thrill. The formula used in this game is simple but they are trying to give it some twist and more feature that hasn’t been featured in the previous release. Gears of War: Judgment has got to be one of the most anticipated video games of 2013.
    4. Watch Dogs – This video game could be something that has a pretty weird setting as it is being setup in a world different from ours. The main character here who is Aidan Pierce has a very special skill. He is able to hack on any electronic device and utilize it for his own interests. The theme of the game is very familiar as it focuses on our government that uses electronic devices as surveillance. This is the main plot of the game as it challenges show we use our hacking abilities to avoid being monitored. This game is definitely something to look forward to for year 2013. Many have been on camera reviewing this game.
    5. Tomb Raider – One of the coolest games ever played is Tomb Raider. It has undergone a reboot when it was first franchised to bring up something more relevant to its first release. The life of Lara Croft was being resettled by Crystal Dynamics and retelling to story back to her younger years but still try to develop a way to recreate and bring up a more thrilling plot in the game. It means to say that what we have seen from the previous release is nothing like the one to be released next year. This time the developers of this game is trying to come up with a bolder and a more dynamic action packed game more fitted to this generation of gamers. Tomb raider has got to be among the most anticipated video games of 2013.

  5. How to Become Famous

    December 7, 2015 by Runoff Records

    Big stars started as simple and ordinary individuals with ordinary dreams. But who could know that they would end up and walk the red carpet. It seems to be a mystery of how to become famous for some but for them they know one simple ingredient-an ingredient that still remains a wonder to many. Who would have thought that a simple person who walks by you could become so famous in the next future? Nobody could really tell one’s fate and destiny. They say that you are the driver of your own destiny and you hold your own future. Some people really try their hardest to become famous, even things like using hair removal creams, while this chance for some only happened in a blink of an eye. People have kept dreaming that their fate would change and turns drastically into something they have never imagined to happen. Remember the big stars that had humble beginnings. They never thought that they would really go that far in their lives.

    As far as working really hard is concern, it could really work but if it is not the path that your fate leads you, you will not stand a chance. You might be better off in other career that is non-show business. You can seek other career and learn how to become famous in a different profession. You can study to become a famous lawyer and become very good in this profession. Not all people are born famous with hippie hairstyles and will become famous by some form of magic or through beautiful jewelry for men. Sometimes you need to work hard to reach that point. But if you are really lucky enough to just get to that level without working any sweat then you’re one of many millions who want to kill to be on your spot. Sometimes people really do all the scary ways on to become one of the stars. They undergo surgical and other medical operations just to look and just to become one of them.

    There are written guides sold in book store on how to become famous but do you really think that these are reliable. These are only guides but it will not guarantee that it will be effective and would work on helping you become famous and ride a safe self-balancing scooter. You know your talents and what you have to do is use it according to your field and see which path you are more effective. The ingredient to success may or may not apply to everyone. Sometimes it needs a lot of effort and prayers to get and reach the path of your dreams. When dreaming you have to add more hard work and prayers. Practice also makes perfect. Learn your interests and skill. Know your weakness and always believe in yourself. You can never go wrong if you put confidence in your personality. You must also incorporate that cool attitude in everything that you do. When you have that very good personality and cool attitude then you can definitely go places. You will find people and places that you have never imagine that you would travel.