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5 most anticipated video games of 2016

February 1, 2016 by Runoff Records

  1. Sim City – This new version of Sim City has got to be one of the most anticipated video games of 2013. It now has multiplayer function that allows players to add regions and create a real world among players. If you are a first time player you will get a lot of excitement from this new version. It will be more realistic and will give you a real time experience especially in the real world economy. You get to experience something that you have never experienced before because this new version is packed with more features and function that enhances the gaming experience. Go to weddings, get on a new skateboard or cook a dinner party, anything is possible!
  2. Bungie’s “Destiny “- This game is a brand new franchise that Bungie is working for Activision. The partnership of these two companies is really something that many people have been looking forward to. Bungie used be one of the developers of Halo, a very successful video game launched several years ago. This company is trying to develop again a more exciting game that will more exciting sets of skill that is much anticipating for 2013. They are trying to get much of what the others could develop with the technology of other company in as much as developing only the best video game.
  3. Gears of War: Judgment – In 2013, this new game is a game that many people cannot really wait to get there hands on.  For Xbox owners, this game can bring them to the next level because it will present the classic game play experience to more fun and thrill. The formula used in this game is simple but they are trying to give it some twist and more feature that hasn’t been featured in the previous release. Gears of War: Judgment has got to be one of the most anticipated video games of 2013.
  4. Watch Dogs – This video game could be something that has a pretty weird setting as it is being setup in a world different from ours. The main character here who is Aidan Pierce has a very special skill. He is able to hack on any electronic device and utilize it for his own interests. The theme of the game is very familiar as it focuses on our government that uses electronic devices as surveillance. This is the main plot of the game as it challenges show we use our hacking abilities to avoid being monitored. This game is definitely something to look forward to for year 2013. Many have been on camera reviewing this game.
  5. Tomb Raider – One of the coolest games ever played is Tomb Raider. It has undergone a reboot when it was first franchised to bring up something more relevant to its first release. The life of Lara Croft was being resettled by Crystal Dynamics and retelling to story back to her younger years but still try to develop a way to recreate and bring up a more thrilling plot in the game. It means to say that what we have seen from the previous release is nothing like the one to be released next year. This time the developers of this game is trying to come up with a bolder and a more dynamic action packed game more fitted to this generation of gamers. Tomb raider has got to be among the most anticipated video games of 2013.

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