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  1. How to Become Famous

    December 7, 2015 by Runoff Records

    Big stars started as simple and ordinary individuals with ordinary dreams. But who could know that they would end up and walk the red carpet. It seems to be a mystery of how to become famous for some but for them they know one simple ingredient-an ingredient that still remains a wonder to many. Who would have thought that a simple person who walks by you could become so famous in the next future? Nobody could really tell one’s fate and destiny. They say that you are the driver of your own destiny and you hold your own future. Some people really try their hardest to become famous, even things like using hair removal creams, while this chance for some only happened in a blink of an eye. People have kept dreaming that their fate would change and turns drastically into something they have never imagined to happen. Remember the big stars that had humble beginnings. They never thought that they would really go that far in their lives.

    As far as working really hard is concern, it could really work but if it is not the path that your fate leads you, you will not stand a chance. You might be better off in other career that is non-show business. You can seek other career and learn how to become famous in a different profession. You can study to become a famous lawyer and become very good in this profession. Not all people are born famous with hippie hairstyles and will become famous by some form of magic or through beautiful jewelry for men. Sometimes you need to work hard to reach that point. But if you are really lucky enough to just get to that level without working any sweat then you’re one of many millions who want to kill to be on your spot. Sometimes people really do all the scary ways on to become one of the stars. They undergo surgical and other medical operations just to look and just to become one of them.

    There are written guides sold in book store on how to become famous but do you really think that these are reliable. These are only guides but it will not guarantee that it will be effective and would work on helping you become famous and ride a safe self-balancing scooter. You know your talents and what you have to do is use it according to your field and see which path you are more effective. The ingredient to success may or may not apply to everyone. Sometimes it needs a lot of effort and prayers to get and reach the path of your dreams. When dreaming you have to add more hard work and prayers. Practice also makes perfect. Learn your interests and skill. Know your weakness and always believe in yourself. You can never go wrong if you put confidence in your personality. You must also incorporate that cool attitude in everything that you do. When you have that very good personality and cool attitude then you can definitely go places. You will find people and places that you have never imagine that you would travel.